Very early on in my life I understood that I have an attraction to a certain kind of beauty, I tended to notice details and color combinations more than kids my age did.

I had a huge capacity to sense and respond emotionally to beauty in the natural environment. I was fortunate that my parents saw the creative spark in me and they encouraged me to attend Art gymnasium and there my artistic journey began. After gymnasium I enrolled in Art Academy and became a student in Painting.  As much as I loved painting, I never really set my eyes on one creative area. After studies, I thought about all the things I wanted to do that I neglected in the past. I knew that I always felt a pull towards embroidery and folk arts.

Needle painting also known as thread painting is a hand embroidery technique, creating realistic pictures using needle and thread, embroidering long and short straight stitches. My needle paintings are inspired by forest, plants, lakes, wildlife and other natural forms. I create my own imaginary world with vivid, lush colors. Figures stand alone, but in harmonious coexistence with nature, with minds of their own, but as one inseparable body and soul. And in the center of everything is the tree of life. And everything revolves around a tree. He is the center, the altar, the path of prayer to God.

Through my work I want to talk about the real value of nature and my personal connection to my homeland. I sense that our relationship with a tree touches a very deep place within ourselves. I believe that is why people react so emotionally to consumer-cut trees, to destruction of nature, because they feel with their whole body, that a common unifying network is being destroyed. It is not the forest that is being cut down, but the nation, the community is being cut down. By destroying our natural surroundings at the same time, the invisible roots are cut off, people start losing connection to the land and to one another. Our countries become full of fragments, separate pieces, with people who are no longer interconnected, who cannot unite and who have no common meaning. My works come from grief that is felt in relation to experienced ecological losses, including the loss of species, ecosystems, and meaningful landscapes due to environmental changes. I aim to emphasize on the sublime beauty of nature and the feeling of awe. I respond to the destruction of our natural surroundings by creating beauty and my purpose is to remind people why nature should be celebrated and nurtured.

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